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We are fundraising for our MCS Foundation 

Account for donations :    Bank Raiffeisen     

We have established a Nonprofit Foundation for 
environmentally ill people with MCS and related diseases: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Electrosensitivity (EHS), ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, etc. The Foundation operates internationally. We kindly ask you for donations.

For further information in English please contact: 


Our foundation has the following objectives:

-  To provide help and support for the environmentally ill: therapies, referral, etc. 

-  To develop further MCS-EHS housing projects throughout Switzerland and the EU 

-  MCS-EHS flats and Holiday rentals in suitable locations

-  A common room and visitor accommodations in our Zurich MCS-housing project

-  Actions and campaigns for greater recognition for environmentally ill individuals


Our Nonprofit Foundation was founded by board members of the housing co-operative Gesundes Wohnen MCS (Healthy Living MCS), to help with their fundraising towards further housing projects and support. We complement our team with an advisory board of experts in the field of Environmental Illness. With our MCS residential project in Zurich, Switzerland, we have established networks that promise another successful venture.  

We will continue to track the progress of our fundraising campaign on this website and will also list individual sponsors, if desired. For further information via email and phone, please see our contact information. Our foundation is tax exempt and subject to state supervision. We are gratefull for every donation.

Many thanks    the founding board members

Christian Schifferle     Dr. med. Klaus Tereh     Dr. Hans-Peter Schifferle



Bank account for donations:

Raiffeisenbank Zürich
CH-8001 Zürich IBAN: CH25 8148 7000 0421 6681 5         

Stiftung Gesundes Leben und Wohnen
Rebenweg 100, CH-8041 Zürich


Address of the Foundation:

Stiftung Gesundes Leben und Wohnen

Rebenweg 100 

CH-8041 Zürich

Tel: 0041 (0)43 542 39 32          (projects and fundraising)